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Crowdfunding Terms & Conditions


Type of Contribution
All crowdfunding purchases are processed and recorded as donations toward the costs of production and related services and goods of the documentary film Stateless. These donations in no way offer or guarantee any compensation toward contributors. This includes but is not limited to debt or equity compensation. Contributors are not offered any ownership of intellectual property, nor partnership in any business activities related to the film’s production or the related business entities.

Responsibility of Funds
Responsibility for the distribution of funds is left to the sole discretion of the producers.

Possibility of Project Non-Completion
By submitting payment, the contributor acknowledges that this is a work in progress and is therefore aware that there is no guarantee that the project will reach completion. As with any business entity, risks are involved at any time which may prohibit the operations and ultimately the release of the film. Should the project not reach completion, the producers are not obligated to offer any refunds or compensation to contributors.

Distribution of Rewards
Contributors acknowledge that all merchandise rewards may not have yet been manufactured at the time of donation and therefore, depending on the inherent risks in the business activities, may not be fulfilled. Because the contributions are processed as donations, the producers are not obligated to provide contributors any refunds or compensation for unfulfilled rewards. The time of distribution of rewards is to remain at the discretion of the producers.